GERD Symptoms and Risk Factors

The mechanism when you swallow food is there’s a muscular circular band around the bottom of your esophagus and that’s the tube that goes all the way down. The lower sphincter relaxes to allow food and liquid to flow into your stomach, and then it’s supposed to close after the food goes into your stomach. … Read more

How to warm up with healthy soup this winter

Don’t order soup at the restaurant Most soups you get when your order from a restaurant or a chain place will use ingredients to improve the consistency including starches. These soups won’t be as healthy as they appear. Some people want to try a cup of what looks like a healthy soup. A cup may … Read more

Canned Protein Options for Quick and Healthy Meals

Another canned protein option is Sardines. These are more common and may be easier to find. We’ve all probably seen them available in the store. Let’s not forget now at about point three ounces you’re getting 22 grams of protein. You’re also getting 1700 grams of omega three fatty acids, which is more than half … Read more

Which Teas Provide Warm Comfort and Good Health?

January is national tea month. And (this) winter being especially poignant for warm comfort with a healthy perspective, understanding the most functional aspects of common teas can help our patients make better choices. HERBAL (TEAS): Caffeine – none, Tannins – none (because this “tea” is an infusion of leaves, seeds and roots, not really a tea), … Read more

Seafood: Striving for Sustainability

We all know fish is one of the best things we can eat. – it’s a protein Superfood!  A concentrated protein source, good for cholesterol management and can provide a high, daily dose of Omega-3- fatty acids in just one serving.  It is one of the foods that really can be eaten on virtually any dietary … Read more