Nutrition Counseling

My approach to nutrition is to look at your entire nutritional picture. Your current nutritional status can be impacting your health and may be keeping you from achieving; weight loss, lowered cholesterol, better blood glucose, less joint and gastro issues.

Many of us have multiple body systems not functioning the way they should be. This may be causing daily symptoms and contributing to health related issues. Rather than suppress these symptoms with pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter remedies we want to “evaluate” these symptoms to understand which systems of your body need support to get re-balanced and get you healthy again.

How do we move toward better health with nutrition?

To begin, I evaluate where you are now using my 3 step process. I review your present diet, medical history, medications, lifestyle, toxic exposure, past antibiotic use, stress and current lab work. We may also employ additional, targeted diagnostic testing.

Functional, nutrition-based care is focused on building health by restoring proper functioning of the body. I’ll lay out your best path to re-balancing your system with a natural approach aiming to alleviate the underlying cause.

We utilize state of the art testing for food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, metabolic status, gut issues and genomic testing. First, get answers. Then, get well.

The plan we develop based on your results will depend on your needs, goals and age. I treat individuals of all ages, many of whom may be struggling with a variety of health conditions. Additionally, I provide recommendations and nutritional counseling for student athletes – learn more here >> Youth and Sports Nutrition

This approach enables me to put together a completely comprehensive plan that can create “change from change”.

Functional Nutrition is nutrition-based health care that is focused on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body and creating your best body weight and health.

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