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  • Taking a Statin Drug to Lower Cholesterol? 3 Things You Should Be Doing

    So what do we do when we’re on it? First and foremost, we have to change what we’re doing, our habits, our food intake. This can seem to be not so simple. Coenzyme Q 10 When you are taking a cholesterol lowering drug, you want to also take co Q 10 or Coenzyme Q 10. … Read more

  • Salad! How to keep your salad low carb and keto friendly

    Restaurant and takeout salads sometimes come with a lot more carbs than you want to eat. How do we avoid this from the salads we buy when we are out as well as the salads we make at home?

  • How to warm up with healthy soup this winter

    Don’t order soup at the restaurant Most soups you get when your order from a restaurant or a chain place will use ingredients to improve the consistency including starches. These soups won’t be as healthy as they appear. Some people want to try a cup of what looks like a healthy soup. A cup may … Read more

  • Canned Protein Options for Quick and Healthy Meals

    Another canned protein option is Sardines. These are more common and may be easier to find. We’ve all probably seen them available in the store. Let’s not forget now at about point three ounces you’re getting 22 grams of protein. You’re also getting 1700 grams of omega three fatty acids, which is more than half … Read more

  • Enjoy This High Value Snack! It’s Raw with Protein, Minerals, & Healthy Fat

    But the main impact here is alpha linoleic acid as the oil within the walnuts. It is really the vegan form of omega three fatty acids. This is tremendous for the cardiovascular system, the vessels, as well as being an important tool for lowering triglycerides. I can’t say enough beautiful raw snack. Incorporate walnuts into … Read more

  • Which Teas Provide Warm Comfort and Good Health?

    January is national tea month. And (this) winter being especially poignant for warm comfort with a healthy perspective, understanding the most functional aspects of common teas can help our patients make better choices. HERBAL (TEAS): Caffeine – none, Tannins – none (because this “tea” is an infusion of leaves, seeds and roots, not really a tea), … Read more

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