Nutritionist in Monmouth County, NJ providing Clinical Nutrition Counseling, One-On-One Guidance & Weight Loss Services

We provide comprehensive, holistic strategies to guide individuals to everyday better wellness based on each individuals’ needs. We create better choices and specific lifestyle changes that will significantly impact chronic diseases. We provide nutritional therapies based on cutting edge approaches assessed from each individuals’ measured metabolic presentations and from clinical tests. These individual values will guide us together, to create the easily adopted, nutritional wellness plans.

Nutrition Counseling

Our approach is functional. This is known as nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by restoring proper functioning of the body.


Your metabolism is simply the way your body gets energy from food and uses it to help you live your life. It affects everything – your energy, mood, brain, internal organs and your complete, overall health.

Weight Loss Counseling

What are foods we currently like and eat that can fuel us properly? Which foods should we delete out of our diets and why? Our focus is on creating real food habits that sustain and change you.

Youth and Sports Nutrition

Optimizing performance is the number one reason most parents bring their young athletes into my office. Minimizing injuries which most kids today are somewhat more susceptible to is always part of my plan as well.

Creating the most effective “sports” diet is mostly basic because it most often has to do with what most all kids are lacking or too abundant or not consistent with in their intake. 

Online Nutrition Coaching

Dr. Julie Monica has proven success with one-on-one online counseling and weight loss coaching. Their goal is to teach, motivate and help you commit to a healthier lifestyle in reaching your health and weight loss goals.

Services are provided in-person or virtually.

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