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Nutrition Counseling

Our approach is functional. This is known as nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by restoring proper functioning of the body. Many of us have multiple body systems not functioning the way they should be and we have daily, symptoms and issues. Rather than suppress these symptoms with pharmaceutical agents or over-the-counter remedies we want to “evaluate” these symptoms to understand which systems of your body need support to get re-balanced and get you healthy again.

Metabolic Testing

Your metabolism is simply the way your body gets energy from food and uses it to help you live your life. It sounds simple but it affects everything from your energy to your mood, brain and organ health to your complete, overall health.

In order to have more “science based” certainty that a plan is right for you versus guessing that it just might be, you need to know more about your metabolism. Until you’re truly healthy on the inside you can’t look or feel you’re healthiest on the outside.

Weight Loss Counseling

We need to understand what foods we currently like and eat that can fuel us properly and continue to include in our diets and what foods to delete out of our diets and why. Our focus is on creating real food habits that sustain you and change you.