Dr. Monica’s Success Essentials

  • Canned Protein Options for Quick and Healthy Meals

    Another canned protein option is Sardines. These are more common and may be easier to find. We’ve all probably seen them available in the store. Let’s not forget now at about point three ounces you’re getting 22 grams of protein. You’re also getting 1700 grams of omega three fatty acids, which is more than half … Read more

  • Enjoy This High Value Snack! It’s Raw with Protein, Minerals, & Healthy Fat

    But the main impact here is alpha linoleic acid as the oil within the walnuts. It is really the vegan form of omega three fatty acids. This is tremendous for the cardiovascular system, the vessels, as well as being an important tool for lowering triglycerides. I can’t say enough beautiful raw snack. Incorporate walnuts into … Read more

  • What about crunchy snacks, Dr. Julie Monica?

    You can use it as part of a meal, or you can use it in place of bread. You could take these crackers and add one egg, at approximately 7 grams of protein, and with a total of 14 grams of protein, for most people, that will constitute 1 serving of protein. That is a … Read more

  • Tuna To The Rescue

  • Healthy Happy Hour with Dr. Julie Monica

    Nuts should be served in smaller containers because they are high in calories and carbs. They have great protein. Fish! Smoked salmon and sardines are so good for you, high in protein and good fats. You can have any of the choices we’ve talked about today from 12 to 17 carbohydrates. That’s pretty low for … Read more

  • Bottled Waters – What’s the Difference?

    A word about the magnesium (Mg) content; 75% of us in the US are deficient in this mineral 50% of Mg in this sparkling water is readily absorbed. One (1) liter (33 oz.) would provide approximately 29% of the daily value for this mineral, about 108 mg. And the pH averages 5.7 (Optimal, healthy pH … Read more