“I was referred to Dr. Monica from a psychologist that my 12 year old son had been seeing. He was suffering from anxiety. I had stated my concern about his diet and moods. The psychologist recommended Dr. Monica. I called and got an appointment in a timely manner. She spoke to myself and my son at length. She discussed foods he liked, didn’t like and asked him in depth how he was feeling. That was Patrick’s last appointment, which he loved!! I went back every week in the beginning and we tweaked his diet. Dr. Monica explained why changing his diet was necessary and doable, even with a picky eater. She gave a honest estimate and said he would improve 30%. All naturally!!! I was committed. The next meeting she looked into vitamins and supplements for him. I was impressed how much time and research she did finding the best ones for my son. We always reported progress. We examined what was working and what wasn’t. She offered suggestions and was always interested in the outcome. I am so pleased to have found Dr. Monica and I would and do recommend anyone to see Dr Monica for any issue or malady they are suffering from. She is awesome!”

– Nicole F., Monmouth County, NJ

“Dr. Monica’s treatment and advice has significantly changed my health and overall mood. Since beginning treatment with her, I have felt better than I have in almost a decade. I now also have hope and feel confident that I will continue to make a full recovery from my irritable bowel syndrome.”

– Melissa M., Point Pleasant, NJ

“I am a sixty year old female who struggles daily with Hypo-Thyroid. I have tried every diet throughout my life and had to virtually starve myself to lose even ½ lb. I have been a patient of Dr. Monica’s for the last few months. To date, I have lost 25 lbs.

Dr. Monica has gone above and beyond to devise a specific health plan according to my individual body make-up and likes/dislikes of a food. Dr. Monica suggests, reviews and implements a simple health plan to fit every individual, taking into consideration prescriptions and your past health history. She recommended vitamins and nutrients according to my health presentation. Most importantly, Dr. Monica listens to my individual needs. In closing, Dr. Monica is compassionate, educated, and a miracle worker!”

– Christy B., Monmouth County

“In short, we worked out a plan of foods I could eat and liked and not have pain. And things I could eat to keep my protein up. She gave me supplements that literally made my digestion stronger. My Colitis cleared up and as time went on following the plan I got better. I continue to follow the plan and the different phases of supplements that give me continued and on-going relief. Dr. Monica had a real solution and a plan. – Thanks Doc.”

– Michael R., Ocean County

“I found Dr. Monica and then started to follow a completely different diet. I learned about different types of foods and carbohydrates and how best to eat them. Following this made my gastro problems almost completely disappear. I Have to say, all of my complaints improved. The best part was that once I felt better I then asked Dr. Monica about weight loss. With not that much more change she said I would lose weight with a little time. I have to say it fit my lifestyle and I stayed on it every day. I am now 30 pounds lighter! I am going to keep going! See you next month Dr. Monica.”

– Carole W., Monmouth County

“Dr. Monica not only helped me lose the extra weight, but she helped me with sleep issues, getting off pain medication as well as just becoming generally healthier. She speaks in terms a layman can understand and I absolutely felt she cared as much about me a person as she did about me as a patient. She is a very sweet, thoughtful and caring individual and I highly recommend her, whether you feel you need to lose weight or you just want to be a healthier, happier person.”

– James M., Monmouth County