Salad! How to keep your salad low carb and keto friendly

I’m always talking to my nutrition counseling patients about the need to get more raw food into your diet. Keep this in mind whenever you’re prepping your food for the day. Think about what you’re going to eat. First, in that meal, what raw component am I going to have?

Salads one of our most metabolically positive raw meals.

Lately, have you purchased a pre made salad only to flipped it over and see some 30 to 40 carbohydrates listed in the nutrition facts? What gives? How do we avoid this from the salads we buy when we are out as well as the salads we make at home?

The biggest offender can be the choice of salad dressing. Many of these are high sugar and high in calories. Get rid of those.

The second thing to avoid is dried fruit. The Crasins, raisins, free low carbs out there, no fruit. Another carbohydrate booster included in take-out and restaurant salads are the crunchies. Remove the crunchy noodles and discard those croutons.

Build those plates up high with category one, insoluble vegetables to make a beautiful salad!

For low carb, keto friendly dressings, remember vinegar and oil – there’s so many flavors and combinations out there to experiment with. Add a powdered spice you’re good to go.

Better outcomes from better intakes!

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