“Our integrative approach employs in-depth, expanded blood work, holistic state of the art nutri-testing and patient tracking to create a holistic perspective and provide effective, drugless management strategies to better their health.”

This is at the core of the principles that have helped to design Dr. Julie Monica’s 3 step process of nutrition counseling. Her methods are based on the most experienced and comprehensive evaluation of functional, nutritional therapies for chronic issues and disease.

Health History and Patient Goals. As part of the first visit you will be able to describe to us your concerns and health goals by utilizing our wellness forms along with an extensive discussion with the doctor.

Brief & Insightful In-Office Assessments. Nutrition oriented vitals and a Bio Impedence Analysis (BIA) will be performed. These are short, effective, non-invasive measurements that are a starting point and provide us with comparisons to track your progress.

It’s true that scale weight alone does not provide enough information to manage a person’s overall health plans. This is why nutrition professional use the BIA instrument. The analysis gives us information that tells us when fat, fluids (hydration) muscle tissue and bone mineralization are adequate, lost or gained. This tracking is essential to improve body composition.

Order & Facilitate Diagnostic Testing, if Needed. Comprehensive blood work is usually the cornerstone of most all patients’ diagnostic profile (your insurance covers this). We want our patients to bring their previous, relevant testing as well. This is an important part of familiarizing us with your on-going health status and gives us insight into your progression. It also allows us to perform comparisons of all your test results. Compiling a patient’s history, presenting signs and symptoms and testing to date will provide us the information in ordering any additional tests for a complete, comprehensive profile.

The steps above create your patient profile. We will formulate a custom, personalized approach based on your specific findings and a step-by-step comprehensive plan for you to follow.

Our focus is on intake including food, fluids and supplementation. We chart this with you so you can easily format it into your daily routine. Here is where the individualization of your treatment is realized. The tests themselves and your findings are not the same as any other patient.

We educate you regarding the foods that tested better for you, why those foods are better, and the best way to make them available for yourself daily. We also suggest where and how to purchase these foods along with providing complete meal recipes that will fit into your plan. Optimally, we will impart to you the knowledge to be able to continue your best intake “know how” beyond your clinical program with us.

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