Long Lasting Weight Loss with Dr. Monica

Our approach helps patients to achieving healthy, sustainable weight loss. I teach what foods we can eat that fuel us properly and what foods to delete out of our diets and why. You’ll find out how to successfully manage your daily food intake, your macronutrients and how to evolve to a good weight and body composition.

When developing your individualized plan, I take into account your current issues and how your body is functioning. Many of us have daily, chronic symptoms and issues that are a sign that we may not be completely balanced. This can slow down your ability to lose weight.

I monitor your weight loss with optimal, achievable food intake plans also address your food issues. I’ll help create changes that will address some of these chronic issues as you lose. Many metabolic conditions like hypertension are impacted by weight loss. We will identify specific supplements, tools and support for your continued health and weight management success.

How popular diets can seem healthy, but actually hurt you.

When I review how other weight loss programs approach the business of losing pounds they usually speak about “plans”. These plans always involve a drastic change in what one is currently eating and sometimes even include medications. Even when using these “Medical weight Loss” diets, you still need to restrict calorie intake for the medication and whole plan to work and facilitate weight loss.

Some popular plans restrict people to only eat pre-portioned, packaged foods that are very processed and lack nutrients. The diet encourages limited intake of vegetables/fruit but simply does not prepare people to adopt new lifestyle habits of planning, preparing and buying their own food as we do in “real world” situations. We need to be able to think about food and what we are going to eat “on our feet”.

Yes, pre-packaged diets are low in calories and made to be palatable for those who are used to high salt and sweetness – some people feel this provides needed structure and yes, it’s possible lose weight while on this program.

There is a better way to lose weight and keep it off.

But what about the hCG diet? This weight loss plan involves taking supplements, detoxing and injecting yourself daily with hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone produced during pregnancy by cells of the placenta. No form of hCG has been approved for weight loss and hCG diet products are not legal in the United States. The FDA says the weight loss people experience on this diet is due to the drastic calorie reduction (cut to approximately 500 a day), NOT the hCG. Many patients that I speak with think that the hCG and supplements are a magic bullet. The fact is that people who use this risky protocol are basically starving themselves taking in so little food each day!

False claims for this and other very low calorie diets are;

  • They can result in 1-2 pounds of weight lost daily
  • Can reduce cravings and hunger
  • Maintains muscle tone.

All of these plans are very radical and, what’s more, hard to stick to. Most notably, these diets have a dismal long term success rate because in a short amount of time people really be able to eat “normally” again.

The problem is that plans like these are so far away from a normal daily diet routine that people almost always gain back weight quickly. Dieters feel they have failed, become defeated and continue to eat. This weight loss yo-yo results in a real disaster for one’s health which can send you on a path toward illness.

I Can Help You Achieve Healthy, Sustainable Weight Loss

EDUCATION is the key to a good plan.

Understanding macronutrient content in food and how much to eat of different types has made my patients extremely successful. You will be able to manage your daily food intake effectively and still eat with your family, go to parties and eat out at restaurants.

You need to eat in the real world.

With new food products flooding the market more than ever you need to know which ones are healthy and how they will affect your body. This applicable knowledge arms you with the tools to keep you at a good weight and body composition.

In my practice EDUCATION is key for lifelong weight loss.

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