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– What are our basic needs? –

We used to take an over-the-counter multi-vitamin and our work was done! Vitamins are part of a baseline to upgrade your health but they are not optimal alone. There are nutrients you need that are distinctly missing from our food supply. What we eat may not provide what our bodies require due to restricted diets, likes and dislikes and food intolerances.

Dr. Julie is sharing the following carefully chosen list of products that have been clinically helpful for herself and the patients in her practice.

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Cholesterol Management

I’ve loaded quality, comparable formulas for you – 2 Ubiquinols, 2 Plant Sterols and 1 soluble fiber. The combo of these 3, one of each is a sound, added nutritional approach along with especially diet and exercise to further impact high cholesterol and support the use of statins.

Please always read the suggested uses for best results for any supplement before you start them.

GERD & Reflux Support

Let’s start with the collagens. There are so many choices! Which is best for me and my gut?

As with any nutritional supplement, they go beyond just one specific benefit. They can target different functions and, in this case, even improve skin and joint function! The basis of all of these Collagens is generally that they contain 10 grams per serving of collagen peptides (protein) or more, from varied sources and this amount will support your gut health especially taken at least once each day. So, as you see you could choose any of them. *Also see the Collagen JS, the capsule form of collagen.

There are also 2 broad spectrum intestinal formulas; Pem A Vite or Support Mucosa giving you the choice of a powder or a capsule

And,1 heartburn formula; Acid Block. We have replaced this for Heartburn Soothe for even more specific, esophageal discomfort relief.

The combination of these supplements is comprehensive and adding your functional food, collagen, is a home run!


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