Reducetarian Lifestyle to Benefit Your Health and the Environment

What is a reducetarian lifestyle and why should you consider it? ‘Reducetarians’ are committed to eating less meat and dairy and fewer eggs. Work toward a reduction in meat and dairy consumption. What are the health benefits? How do you work this into your lifestyle?

According to Brian Kateman, author of The Reducetarian Solution, the impact or the focus is to have a more cruelty free life for our little animal friends and to impact the environment positively. So it’s obviously having less meat in your diet, less poultry in your diet, less fish in your diet, and less dairy in your diet and even fewer eggs.

So how do we achieve this? I think that this is good in trying to diversify your food, get away from so much protein and so much animal. That’s what the focus is for me.

How do you do that?

Focus on your high protein vegetables

This would include your spinach, your collards and your peas.

Eat Less Meat

Another thing you can do is when you do have that animal protein is to eat less of it. Have two vegetables with that, have three, and make them grand.

Avoid Dairy, Choose Plant Based Milk

The third thing you can do is no dairy. There are too many good dairy alternatives out there. Change your mindset. Just like we don’t have a house phone anymore – we don’t drink milk anymore either. Look and you’ll find the healthy dairy alternatives.