Buy Nutrition Therapy At Home Test Kits And Have Them Shipped To Your Door

Food sensitivities frequently arise from impaired immune response. They can be challenging to find with only elimination diets, especially since delayed reactions can happen. Testing can help you and your healthcare provider determine your unique food sensitivities and get rid of dietary triggers that cause inflammation by having your body respond to the most popular foods in the Western diet.

Gut Health testing offers in-depth knowledge on the operation of your digestive system. It focuses on the gut microorganisms that might be harming your health and determines whether wheat or gluten, two of the most prevalent allergens or triggers, are impairing your immune system and creating gastrointestinal inflammation.

A damaged gut and microbiome can lead to the development of sensitivities to common foods and dietary additives. The overgrowth of the yeast Candida is one typical way that the gut can become damaged. A fungal infection called Candida is safe in reasonable levels. But if left unchecked, it can disrupt the digestive system and alter the composition of the gut flora. Focused testing reveals whether a fungal infestation is causing your digestive complaints.

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