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New Jersey Functional Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach

Dr. Julie Monica provides comprehensive, holistic strategies to guide individuals to everyday better wellness based on each individuals’ needs. Dr. Julie Monica practices clinical nutrition with patients to create better choices and specific lifestyle changes that will significantly impact chronic diseases.

We also provide nutritional therapy based on cutting edge approaches assessed from each individuals’ measured metabolic presentations and from clinical tests. These individual values will guide us together, to create the easily adopted, nutritional wellness plans.


Here’s what our patients are saying about Dr. Julie Monica and her nutritional, weight loss and other wellness services. >> Read More Testimonials Here

“Working with Dr. Monica has been a very positive step for me in managing my weight and in managing some of the issues I face due to my weak autoimmune & gastro symptoms.

For years I could not understand why I was not only not able to lose weight but kept gaining weight. This was particularly perplexing since I was eating very healthy. The life lesson I learned from Dr. Monica was that you can be eating healthy, but it might not be healthy for you. Who would have thought that eating asparagus and avocados (and many other vegetables) were wreaking havoc on my stomach?

Her guidance around nutrition what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat and when to eat has resulted in a very healthy weight loss and in putting most of my autoimmune & gastro issues at bay.”

Nancy E. Brick, NJ

“In short, we worked out a plan of foods I could eat and liked and not have pain. And things I could eat to keep my protein up. She gave me supplements that literally made my digestion stronger.

My Colitis cleared up and as time went on following the plan I got better. I continue to follow the plan and the different phases of supplements that give me continued and on-going relief. Dr. Monica had a real solution and a plan. – Thanks Doc.”

Michael R., Ocean County

“I am a sixty year old female who struggles daily with Hypo-Thyroid. I have tried every diet throughout my life and had to virtually starve myself to lose even ½ lb.

I have been a patient of Dr. Monica’s for the last few months. To date, I have lost 25 lbs. Dr. Monica has gone above and beyond to devise a specific health plan according to my individual body make-up and likes/dislikes of a food. Dr. Monica suggests, reviews and implements a simple health plan to fit every individual, taking into consideration prescriptions and your past health history. She recommended vitamins and nutrients according to my health presentation.

Most importantly, Dr. Monica listens to my individual needs. In closing, Dr. Monica is compassionate, educated, and a miracle worker!” 

Christy B., Monmouth County

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Who is Dr. Julie Monica?

“You can achieve better outcomes from better intakes.”

Dr. Monica is the premiere, functional nutrition specialist in New Jersey. She now is a public figure in the alternative health and nutrition, on-line community.

She developed the MetaBasics concept that teaches the core parameters of what you truly need to achieve your best metabolic, health status. And combat chronic issues focusing on the prevention of underlying causes with an integrative approach. –  To remove the interference and let the body do the healing with an emphasis on food and nutrition. Unhealthful intake (food) is fostering a primary, global health crisis. Applying MetaBasics; understanding food, and creating your best, individualized food climate can help boost prevention of chronic “dis-ease”.

Much success has been achieved in our practice with blood glucose management, gastrointestinal, auto-immune, inflammatory and weight control issues.

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Applying MetaBasics; understanding food, and creating your best, individualized food climate can help boost prevention of chronic “dis-ease”. Many conditions have been successfully treated in our practice including the following >> More Conditions We Treat

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Blood Glucose Management

Auto-Immune Disease
Inflammatory Disease
Weight Control

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Our Process

The most experienced and comprehensive evaluation of functional, nutritional therapies for chronic issues and disease states:
“Our integrative approach employs in-depth, expanded blood work for most, holistic state of the art nutri-testing is often also warranted and coordinating and tracking these to create a holistic perspective to provide effective, drugless management strategies to better your health”.

Get Started in 3 Steps!

These steps create your patient profile. We will compile an approach based on your specific findings and a step-by-step comprehensive plan for you to follow.

Our focus is on intake including food, fluids and supplementation. We chart this with you so you can easily format it into your daily routine. Here is where the individual aspect of your treatment is realized. The tests themselves and your findings are not the same as any other patient. As a result, our course of treatment is individualized as well.

We educate you regarding the foods that tested better for you, why those foods are better and the best way to make them available for yourself daily. We also suggest where and how to purchase these foods along with providing complete meal recipes that will fit into your plan. Optimally, we will impart to you the knowledge to be able to continue your best intake “know how” beyond your clinical program with us.

Dr. Monica’s

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