We perform a BIA (Bio-Impedance-Analysis) Test. This tool can give us specific information in assessing metabolic status.We use this “science based” test to learn more about your individual body composition and also track your transformations.

BIA Testing will:

  1. Assess your DEE (daily energy expenditure) – the calories required for all your daily activities
  2. Determine your RMR (resting metabolism rate) – the amount of calories needed to support your body when not exercising.
  3. Assess your current fat %, lean tissue %
  4. Assess your hydration level
  5. Calculate how efficiently your body burns fat for energy

By knowing more about how your body functions you’ll be able to more specifically nourish and move your body to get the results you want by making the most of your time and effort. Understanding your metabolism is how to find the answers and craft a more perfect plan.

What is Metabolism, anyway?

The process through which your body transforms what you eat and drink into energy is known as metabolism. Calories from food and beverages are mixed with oxygen in an intricate process to release the energy your body requires to function. During your daily activities your body burns two main types of fuel:

Blood glucose: This is the sugar in our blood available for energy. It comes from the foods we have recently eaten (especially sugary ones).

Fatty Acids: The usable form of energy broken down from our fat stores when blood glucose is no longer available. This happens when we change our sugar intake and without that expected sugar, the body will look to our fat stores. When we start to use our fat as energy we call this “burning the fat”.
This is where we want our metabolism to be to efficiently lose fat and weight to change our body composition.

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