Enjoy This High Value Snack! It’s Raw with Protein, Minerals, & Healthy Fat

Hello Dr. Monica here. I have a snack for you.

It is one half cup of walnuts!

This may not be your go to nut, I know, but you gotta incorporate these. They fit the bill.

Walnuts are keto friendly and both dairy free and gluten free. They fit that raw factor of what we’re trying to get in every day. With only four net carbs for a half of a cup they are a keto friendly choice if you really want to be satisfied.

Try to fit these in because they contain so much of what your body needs. They have a lot of minerals in them including phosphorus and zinc. They have selenium and fat soluble vitamins.

But the main impact here is alpha linoleic acid as the oil within the walnuts. It is really the vegan form of omega three fatty acids. This is tremendous for the cardiovascular system, the vessels, as well as being an important tool for lowering triglycerides.

I can’t say enough beautiful raw snack. Incorporate walnuts into your diet and achieve better outcomes from better intakes.

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