Canned Protein Options for Quick and Healthy Meals

Hi, Dr. Monica here. I wanted to showcase some protein in in cans.

Today, let’s talk about mussels and sardines.

I can’t say enough about them. These two products are available in Trader Joe’s as well as other grocery stores, so I wanted to feature them. A lot of people who watch these videos have access to a Trader Joe’s so this will allow you to go and improve your nutrition.

I recommend you try to find muscles smoked in olive oil. The flavors are just different and wonderful. Look for naturally smoked, not flavored with added chemicals or smoke flavoring. This product contains 14 grams of protein for a whole serving and packed it’s packed in olive oil. Conveniently canned, this nutritious protein option goes anywhere and I am really liking this product. I’ve never seen smoked mussels before in a can so go for it.

Another canned protein option is Sardines. These are more common and may be easier to find. We’ve all probably seen them available in the store. Let’s not forget now at about point three ounces you’re getting 22 grams of protein. You’re also getting 1700 grams of omega three fatty acids, which is more than half of what is probably found in an Omega 3 supplement at 3000.

I love sardines as a healthy and satisfying canned protein and I recommend trying them. Remember, better outcomes from better takes.

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