Healthy Happy Hour with Dr. Julie Monica

We all need this just about now. What foods together are going to make your plate wonderful, interesting and zesty and fun to come to? I’m not a big advocate of 3 meals a day, my patients know that – 4 meals a day is more appropriate. They should be a little smaller and spread out through the day. This helps to manage your blood sugar better and your energy and it seems to be easy to plan for.

Let’s look at options for this happy hour meal. Olives are an excellent option. Green or black olives & cheese bites – they are gluten free. Some other pre-packaged options are from Trader Joes – seed crackers and cauliflower and broccoli vegetable patties.

Raw veggies are a great choice! Kale chips and roasted seaweed snacks are great for the whole family and easier to find than ever before.

Nuts should be served in smaller containers because they are high in calories and carbs. They have great protein.

Fish! Smoked salmon and sardines are so good for you, high in protein and good fats.

You can have any of the choices we’ve talked about today from 12 to 17 carbohydrates. That’s pretty low for you ketos out there. You can change this around so it’s completely gluten free or dairy free. Stay well and be healthy!