Tuna To The Rescue

Whether we are social distancing or out and on-the-run we need fast and easy nutrition to meet our needs.

Pouch n’ Go! Star-Kist has created tuna, salmon and even chicken pouches available in trendy, delicious flavors; herb and garlic and lemon dill to jalapeno and ginger sesame and many more.

These convenient, easily stored, single serve pouches are high protein, low carbohydrate, were takin’ KETO here, and are macro nutrient balanced that support healthful, metabolic goals especially weight control. These peppy flavors make them a tasty standalone snack or part of a quick meal. Use like any tuna. – They’re just better! Single servings insure freshness and no left overs.

The 14 grams of protein is a full serving for any adult. At an excellent price point stocking up on the 12-pouch packs of your favorite flavors ensures your protein go-to.

The choice of Star Kist pouches is in comparison to other brands:

  • No Soy or Gluten
  • Incredible variety of protein sources; tuna, salmon and chicken and the wide assortment of flavors.
  • Price point: you pay approximately $1.50 – $2.40 per pouch, overall

Stock up!