What about crunchy snacks, Dr. Julie Monica?

Good snacks and good crunchy snacks are even harder to come by. Here is a Gluten Free GF (most flavors), low carb cracker that suffices and that can even replace bread. Find them here on Amazon: Sonoma Creamery Cracker

What a great little find here! This product from Sonoma Creamery comes with 2 cheese crackers/bars. It’s got great, wholesome ingredients, and it’s crunchy. It’s what we started out here to do, it’s why I’m mentioning this. It’s got 7 grams of protein, so as far as macronutrients go, that’s a surprise. It’s got nice packaging, they have 2 nice thick crackers in each package. The satisfying crunch and that there is 2 of the really suffices for a nice snack.

You can use it as part of a meal, or you can use it in place of bread. You could take these crackers and add one egg, at approximately 7 grams of protein, and with a total of 14 grams of protein, for most people, that will constitute 1 serving of protein. That is a small meal with maybe a salad on the side. Remember, it’s very low in carbs, so it’s a good bread substitute. The ingredients contain organic bran, organic rice and organic sunflower seed. It adds a little excitement to your daily intake and the cheesy flavor is incredible.

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