Stuck at Home Nutrition Tips

Most of us have been in now for about 2 weeks. Many have been eating (and imbibing!) as if it is a holiday. Have you been feeling over-energized or even a bit anxious? We’re off our schedules, our work outs and now more calories and sugar are being added to our daily “new normal”. It’s time to turn it around. Our mood and focus can improve vastly with a bit of planning and discipline about what’s on the menu. Just as if we are looking to lose weight, we’re now looking to not gain and stay healthy.

With a month of “negative intake” you can sabotage your efforts in lowering or maintaining your HbA1c, your sodium intake and retention, blood pressure and of course, your weight.

Tips to manage

Your perspective and approach; remember all the dietary initiatives you were striving for and your doctor advised? Jump back on and own it! Were all focused on our grocery shopping and deliveries these days. It’s our new social stimulus. Even the kids are more involved in the process. Take advantage of this time to set that example.

Buy / order more whole foods that make meals; produce, proteins and healthy staples.

Follow recipes to insure an enjoyable experience. The kids can help!

Less processed, less sweet snacks- replace with nuts, avocados, olives, citrus and yogurts.

A snack, a healthy one or two during the day is fine especially for kids, should be planned so that you are stocked up and counting it as part of the healthy, daily intake.

Stay on your vitamins and adopt or continue anti-viral immune support.

Adhere to meal times. Yup. Having a schedule especially now, knowing when you eat next cuts down on haphazard intake that can more easily happen at home. Remember too, most all adults need 4 meals a day. One may be smaller or not. This addresses the snack dilemma and fits even better into metabolic and weight management.

If you cook for 4, then cook for 6 or more. Use those left-over meals!

Stay healthy in these times. Remember, start with the right stuff. If you have it, you’ll prepare it, if you’ve prepared it, you’ll eat it.