Which Teas Provide Warm Comfort and Good Health?

January is national tea month. And (this) winter being especially poignant for warm comfort with a healthy perspective, understanding the most functional aspects of common teas can help our patients make better choices. HERBAL (TEAS): Caffeine – none, Tannins – none (because this “tea” is an infusion of leaves, seeds and roots, not really a tea), … Read more

Mushrooms: Clean, then Cook, then Eat

Mushrooms are edible fungi. The common scientific name is “Agaricus”, though there are different names for different species. They are essentially Saprophytes, plants without chlorophyll which thrive by extracting nutrients from dead and decaying plant and animal matter. That’s why they can grow well with no soil and in dark places. They vary greatly in … Read more

Is Broth the New Black?

What’s all the buzz? – A functional food with value and whose time has come. This hot, clear satisfying liquid provides 20 gms. of protein in just 16 ozs. The broth comes in a powder or liquid form and is often combined with sage, ginger, curry and other herbs in these prepared products. It’s available … Read more

Fat and Oil Consumption – What’s Wrong?

Healthful, non-animal fats are oils; nut oils, sesame and most popular, olive oil. These are for sautéing which means lower cooking temperatures and coconut and avocado oils for higher and frying temperatures. Vegetable oils which we see most often in commercial foods, soy, corn, canola and even cottonseed oil and other blended vegetable oils are … Read more