Healthy, low carb desserts. A helpful interview about how to buy them or make them.

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Sharon Shaffery from Natural Awakenings Magazine Interviews Functional Nutrition Expert and Author of Holiday Eating A More Thoughtful Approach, Dr. Julie Monica.

We are at the beginning of Thanksgiving week. Give us a better approach to dessert!

On special occasions, don’t feel like you can’t embrace tradition and still make some edits to fit into a better lifestyle and eat healthier through the holidays.

Fat bombs are easy no cook desserts. 1 tablespoon of cocoa added to a recipe equals 1 carb. Keto fat bomb – extremely low in carbs and include chocolate. Nut butters are also low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Most include coconut oil for flavor and healthy fat.
Ice Cream:
Many low carb ice cream options are also dairy free. Good Pop is an ice cream bar that looks and tastes like a creamsicle. Low in sugar, 11 carbs per serving and they taste great. Helps keep blood sugar stable. SO Delicious fudge bars have 9 carbohydrates. They taste like chocolate and coconut. Non dairy and easy to find in the grocery store.
Cakes & Pastries:
Waffles – low 9 carb waffles with 8 or 9 grams of protein. They are made with vanilla protein powder. Top with Swerve confectioner style sugar substitute and blueberries. It’s a satisfying and compliant dessert. Find a recipe online and pay attention to the carbs and protein.

Transition to eat this way – it’s the way we should be eating. Focus on good fats. Grains should be whole grains. Avoid vegetable oils and poorly processed junk food. Be mindful. Better outcomes from better intakes.