Dr. Julie Monica Discusses Diet, Quality of Life and Nutrition

Three things you’ve got to watch are the timing of meals, what’s in the meals, or the quality of the meals also the quantity. The timing – when we eat, to keep our blood sugar at a certain level so that we can stay energized and stay mentally invigorated and keep blood sugar levels throughout the day so that when we do eat, we don’t overconsume. The quality of our food – good, nutritious food and then the quantity. This is something that many people need to revisit. How much they are taking on their plate. Practicing this all together is key.

How does water play a part in dieting?

Sometimes when we are hungry, we are living off our fat. We are using our stored energy as fuel and we are losing weight. That’s what we want, to spare the lean tissue or the muscle and break down the fat. This is where water comes into play. As the fat breaks down, it’s a little bit harder on the liver and the kidneys. AS the fat breaks down, toxins are released and it’s a little bit of a dirty job for the body. We need to dilute those toxins and help the body clean them out with water. It’s a functional need. We also need more water when we get thirsty. If we satisfy the thirst, we won’t be as hungry. It all works together.

What are common mistakes that dieters make?

A mistake I often see is lack of preparation. When people change their diet habits, they need to be prepared. If you have the right cooking tools, traveling tools and shopping for the food itself, you’ll have a better time. It makes a world of difference for diet success.

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